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HOT Products That Sell

Willow Springs focuses on the customer's needs of getting products and materials to them when they need it. With an inventory of products maintained on-site, Willow Springs has a reputation for being the "go to" professionals for specialized heating components. We are presenting the HOT products that really move. We are here to help you succeed!

Our HOT Products


Big 8 Duct Insulation

rFoil BIG-8 (ICC certified R-8 product) is specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in all residential and commercial duct applications. rFoil Big 8 also helps control condensation by providing an airtight thermal break around duct work.

+ Quick install time

+ No chance of any itching

+ No hazardous glass particles to ingest or get in eyes

+ Does not lose R-Value when exposed to moisture

+ Does not harbor mold, mildew or other fungi


WSD Hydronic Pump Panels

WSD's pre-assembled and pressure tested Hydronic Pump Panels are designed for an easy and efficient installation. Each panel comes ready to mount and connect with minimal contractor interaction, saving time and money on the job site.

+ Available in left or right configurations

+ Quick install time

+ Fully pressure- and wire-tested

+ Easy-to-mount trimmed melamine backboard

+ Clean look and finish

+ Custom options available


One-Stop-Shop for Copper Manifolds

Willow Springs has one of the largest inventories of copper manifolds in the Midwest, able to cut-to-size, complete with adapters, valves, endcaps, and more to meet your customer's expectations.

+ Quick turnaround time from order

+ Can cut to order or custom build

+ Purchase stock headers or have fittings added:

  • F1807 Crimp or Compression

  • F2080 EV Lock

  • F1960 Pro Pex and F1281 / F1282 Pex-al-Pex Compression

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