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WSD Pre-Insulated Pipe

Why choose WSD Pre-insulated Pipe:

• Available with - PEX-AL-PEX, Non Barrier, and Oxygen Barrier Pex Pipe

• Pre-assembled - Unroll and connect the ends. It’s that easy!

• Flexible - No corners to buy, no corners to struggle with!

• Uses - Gas boiler & wood boiler distribution lines.

• Winter Sales - Very little heat loss when laid on frozen ground < 2 degrees average per 100ft on the 3 wrap and < 1 degrees on the 5 wrap.

• Affordable - Inexpensive pipe Allows you to put the wood stove where you want.

• Efficient - Lengths up to 500’ in 3 wrap and up to 450’ in 5 wrap No splice in the transfer lines.

• Saves Money - Only buy what you need! With cut to length prices there is no need to buy a full roll.

• Easy Connections - Screw compression fittings available for the PEX-AL-PEX. NO Special Tools. Standard pex barb fittings for the non barrier. Available


For complete details and pricing,

click the PDF icon below.

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